SICP VN Projekt

Because this is a 8ch /tech/ project, the use of free as in freedom software tools is highly encouraged.

MIT/GNU Scheme


    The implementation of the Visual Novel will be using the free software "Ren'Py".

OpenShot Video Editor

    Used to extract audio from the videos as MP4

    (the exported OGG format doesn't read into Audacity, we will be cleaning noise in Audacity)


    Used to clean up the audio start / stop and reduce white noise


    Used in the creation of art assets


    Used in the creation of art assets


    A small command-line program to download videos from and a few more sites

    Usage Instructions:

    To download a video, using a GNU/Linux terminal, just pass the URL to youtube-dl:

    $ youtube-dl


Considered Harmful

For a list of things that are harmful please visit

Here are additional items identified by the SICP VN Projekt.

Previously recommended as a way to download YouTube videos using your browser, is considered harmful because of its use of Google Analytics, DART cookies and Facebook social plugins.



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