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The concept came from 4chan /jp/ in January 2009.


Meme Magick saw it revived on 8chan /tech/ in September 2015. Development is ongoing.


Here is what was discussed in 2009 (please note that this is a concept and the final script may be entirely different):

>Sussmanashi no Naku Koro ni (すさまなしのなく頃に, Susamanashi no Naku Koro ni, commonly abbreviated as SNAK) is an adult Japanese visual novel developed by /prog/ which will be released as a limited edition on January 3rd, 2038 playable on the PC. Sussmanashi no Naku Koro ni began as a series of prelude short scenarios in the /prog/ fandisc SICP no Shana. The gameplay in Sussmanashi no Naku Koro ni follows a plot line which offers pre-determined scenarios with courses of interaction, and focuses on the MIT course 6.001 and the book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP).

>Sussmanashi no Naku Koro ni incorporates actual slides from the 6.001 lectures and SICP exercises which have to be answered correctly in order to get the good ending.

>SNAK centers around the period in which the protagonist, Grun Ur, enters the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) after moving to America from Japan. Most of the main stories revolve around the magical Y combinator and its powers.

Here are just a few screenshots from 2009. There is limited storage space using this entirely free SDF hosting, until we upgrade this member account. We'll be donating to the SDF as soon as possible and recommend that you consider it also!

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